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1. Earn Immediate Retail Profit.

Create an everyday income with your retail profit to spoil your family with luxuries, buy airtime and data, healthy family dinners and family weekend breakaways.

2. Earn Once-off Fast Progress Leadership Cash Rebates ranging between R1,000 – R200, 000.

Pamper yourself, buy luxury items to use in or around your house or reinvest back into your business to earn more profit.

3. Earn Monthly Cash Volume Rebates

Earn Monthly Cash Volume Rebates up to 16% on Personal PV and Group PV, 4 levels deep, depending on you and your group’s monthly productivity. This can become your reliable source of a regular income towards your monthly grocery expenses, tuition for your children, electricity bill, cellphone contract and much more.

4. Earn Quarterly Maintenance Rebates ranging R3,000 to R600,000 every quarter.

This is your Lifestyle Bonus Program to use towards your dream
car and dream home.

5. Annual and Quarterly Cash Rebates

INUKA gives Annual and Quarterly Cash Rebates to Members who
achieve set challenges as well as to top performing leaders and newcomers.

6. The INUKA Car Reward Program.

DREAM IT, EARN IT, OWN IT. All cars earned at INUKA are registered in your name and will become your personal property.

INUKA has a 90 days earnings plan that gives new member to earn up to R25,550 in 90 days.

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